Dear Solomon,

I am asking you to consider purchasing my new book, Nourished Planet, produced by Island Press in partnership with the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition.

Our goal with the book is to offer a set of recipes for building a more sustainable food system. We integrate dozens of interviews and essays from incredible food system thinkers ranging from Hans Herren, Vandana Shiva, Alexander Mueller, and Pavan Suhkdev, among many others. These experts helped us plot a map towards food for all, food for sustainable growth, food for health, and food for culture.

With these ingredients, we can nourish our planet and ourselves. This book offers a truly planetary perspective on that shared goal.

Island Press is offering 20 percent off today using the promotion code: FOOD. Order the book by CLICKING HERE.

We’ve been getting an incredible initial reaction to the book. Here is some of the initial feedback on Nourished Planet:

"From A to Z, Nourished Planet is an encyclopedia for the future of food."
-Dan Barber, chef/co-owner, Blue Hill, and author of The Third Plate

"Provides viable strategies for building a food system that better sustains our bodies, environment, and communities. As both an organic farmer and a policymaker, I wholeheartedly appreciate the effort."
-Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

"One of the more important books to come out this year. Nourished Planet takes on the hyper-critical issues of today—sustainability, hunger, the future of our planet—and approaches them in a way that we can all understand."
-José Andrés, chef and advocate

"Nourished Planet reiterates what a small segment of the farmers are trying to do: not feed the world, but feed the world better. This book is an important reminder that respecting the Earth is better for the farmers, the animals, the environment, and the consumer."
-Paul Willis, founding hog farmer and President of Niman Ranch Pork Company

"This is a recipe book with powerful bite and lasting flavor. Its enticing instructions could actually save us, and life on earth, from disaster."
-Tristram Stuart, founder of Feedback and author of Waste: Uncovering a Global Food Scandal

"Nourished Planet not only shows how sustainable practices produce healthy food, but also demonstrates their economic viability. These are the solutions that will TRULY feed the planet."
-Forrest Pritchard, sustainable farmer and author of Gaining Ground

It would mean a lot to me if you purchased a copy today. Please use promo code FOOD to save 20 percent today by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks so much!
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